Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Johns Hopkins medical center is crazy

We started at Johns Hopkins main campus, with its green lawns, charming brick buildings, and matching brick walkways (that were paid for by a donation from Bloomberg). Then, we drove through downtown Baltimore for 10 minutes, past boarded up rowhouses with broken windows. Suddenly, we passed the perimeter into the medical center, and everything was new and well-maintained again. Seriously, we went from a few black people walking into corner stores to mostly white people crowding the sidewalks in just one street. The line was jarring. >.< My cousin explained that med school emergency rooms are located in poor urban centers because of the violence. I don't know what to make of this all. I guess it's good that the poor people are close to a hospital... But the huge difference in affluence leaves me feeling unsettled and wondering what can and should be done.

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  1. That definitely sounds like an unsettling experience. It reminds me a lot of a town nearby... just the extreme way the environment changes from one street to the very next.