Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Gazebo in the park

Really, my first idea for a wedding location was a gazebo in a public park. (Not this specific park.) Those are free by definition, right? My main concern is whether we shall have to weather the weather, but maybe the ever-changing Houston weather will actually benefit us. We could always postpone the ceremony for 15 minutes while we wait for the weather to change. =P
That's all for my walk. I also took a picture of a dead bird out of morbid curiosity, but I'll just delete that and let you continue on with your cheerful day. =)

The park!

This park had a lot of monuments and flags, so I'm assuming it was some kind of memorial. By the time I got there, I was too cold to want to read any of the signs. Wearing shorts had not been a smart decision. Oh well, I'll be back! (But maybe not for a couple of months... I can be pretty lazy.)

On the way to the park

I snapped these two pictures as I continued past the playground to the park. I almost got run over by a car as I stopped in the middle of the road to try to get a good angle on the V-shaped clouds. And that house still has Christmas decorations up in March. I wanted to snap a closer picture, but the set of individuals who leave Christmas decorations up year-round closely intersects with the set of individuals who would shoot someone for taking pictures of said decorations, so I tried to stay out of line of sight.


Sadly, I didn't ride them because I was pretty sure they couldn't support my weight, and I didn't want to cause another mass extinction.


Llama asked if there was a swingset, and here's my answer: sort of. There's one standard swing and one of those weird swings that looks like a giant diaper and is probably designed for babies, but I've never seen anyone put a baby into one of those diaper swings. It's probably just a trap for small teenagers whose friends (?) stuff them into the swing and laugh as they spend half an hour trying to escape. >.<
Also, there is a mural of the Puerto Rican flag dwarfing the US flag. The Massachusetts flag is apparently unimportant or (more likely) way too hard to draw.

Water... Stuff

I'm guessing these things spray water like in water parks. Thankfully they weren't turned on today, because it's rather chilly outside (though sunny).

The Walk

There are many reasons I hate jogging: I suck at it, there's so much scenery that you just speed past, I dislike the concept of exercising for exercise's sake, and oh yeah, I suck at it. But I do enjoy walks very much. Maybe the worst part of jogging is that it takes something I love and makes it into something I hate?
Anyway, the weather's been nice for the past few days, and my laptop has been non-functional, so I've been walking to the library to use their computers. I bet the other patrons love when I sneeze and sniffle. >.<
I noticed that there was a playground on the way to the library yesterday, so I paid it a visit today and took some pictures. Thankfully there weren't any kids, or their parents might have called the police on me. =/