Saturday, May 30, 2009

I might be immature...

But srsly? >.< Good job, rural Missouri. =P

Fat fish

This picture doesn't do justice to how fat these fish are. They are round. >.<

Friday, May 29, 2009

This is a franc

Not that special, except it's the first one I've seen. Also, I don't know how it got into our washateria because we're nowhere near France. *shrug*

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Claire's is full of weird stuff

Moar parking fail

I was tempted to give this guy a pass, since his bad parking didn't really affect anyone else. But really? The parking spot is so big and your car is so small! And the parking lot was mostly empty too, so I doubt he had to wedge it into the only space left. Come on, dude. Get your act together.

Monday, May 25, 2009

sunburn update

It's finally starting to peel! Yay! *peels sunburn*

Parking FAIL

I hate people who can't park.

Is this food?

I pondered for a bit on whether to put this picture on the Foodtographer blog, but finally decided that, since I haven't eaten it yet, it doesn't count. Those are new bamboo shoots, by the way, which I helped dig out of our backyard. When my grandma cooks them, those pictures will end up on the food blog.

Foodtographer blog active again

Food-related posts will now be posted on Also, apparently I started a family trend of taking pictures of food, so the blogroll has been expanded to include a few more members of my family. Enjoy!

(This blog will still be used for non-food posts. I swear I sometimes don't think about food. >.<)

Friday, May 22, 2009

Johns Hopkins graduation

I had to stand for 4 hours and fight crowds of overeager families. My feet hurt until I finally decided to take off my shoes. I'm also terribly sunburned. But Johns Hopkins graduation was worth attending. Not only did I get to watch my cousin walk across the stage (well, I technically missed it because I was trying to get a picture of the big screen), I got to hear an awesome commencement address by Nancy Pelosi, and I ran into some old friends. ^.^ Sunburns fade, but memories are a lifetime. Well... Skin cancer is forever, and alzheimer's makes you forget everything... Oh well. Still fun. =)

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Dinner took 4 hours >.<

Dinner at McCormick & Schmick's in Baltimore. The food took forever to get to our table, but it was excellent. We had a bunch of appetizers, such as crab cake, shrimp, and calamari. For my entree, I had the lobster, which turned out to be an excellent choice. We finished up with some delicious creme brulee. ^.^ All in all, a wonderful meal. The restaurant was located on the waterfront too, so the view was great. My only complaint is that all but one of the bathroom stalls were out of toilet paper. =P

Lab mice

They're cute, they have cancer, and they eat each other when they die. Yum. =P

Johns Hopkins medical center is crazy

We started at Johns Hopkins main campus, with its green lawns, charming brick buildings, and matching brick walkways (that were paid for by a donation from Bloomberg). Then, we drove through downtown Baltimore for 10 minutes, past boarded up rowhouses with broken windows. Suddenly, we passed the perimeter into the medical center, and everything was new and well-maintained again. Seriously, we went from a few black people walking into corner stores to mostly white people crowding the sidewalks in just one street. The line was jarring. >.< My cousin explained that med school emergency rooms are located in poor urban centers because of the violence. I don't know what to make of this all. I guess it's good that the poor people are close to a hospital... But the huge difference in affluence leaves me feeling unsettled and wondering what can and should be done.

Pictures of Johns Hopkins

I'm currently at Johns Hopkins. My cousin is graduating tomorrow, but today was his induction ceremony into a medical society. (Hence the guy by the plaque.) The campus is really pretty, plus the weather is nice. We stumbled upon a statue that apparently some students received a $2k innovation grant to move from the city to campus. >.< I'm not sure what exactly is so innovative about moving a statue, unless they moved it themselves. =P My cousin suggests that they should have hired a moving company and pocketed the difference. Now that's innovation! XD

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Fuzzy things must be cuddled

My biggest weakness is cute fuzzy things. Prior to move out day, my school had a donation table where you could leave things that you didn't want but were still in good condition. This year, I "rescued" a total of 4 stuffed animals: a lobster, a sheep, a giraffe, and a lion cub. The weird thing is, the lobster was the exact same as the one I found on the donation table 2 years ago. The picture is of the 2 lobsters with the sheep. I named the lion cub Ashley after my friend Ashley, who figured out how to turn it on with a switch in her tummy. She purrs, growls, blinks, and generally responds to being petted. I was cuddling her the other day, and I randomly said "I love you"... And I meant it. My friends made fun of me, saying that my mothering instinct had messed up in terms of species. >.< Is it sad that I wish I could have puppies instead of kids? =P This is (part of) why I want to end up with a werewolf! Lol.

John Harvard's

Beer and nachos at John Harvard's. I think the beer was called Providence ale... Or something else with a p. >.< Bad memories ftl. The nachos are enormous!I also got a burger, but I ate it too quickly to take a picture. Rest assured that it was delicious too. ^.^ The fries were so good that they were still good cold one day later.

Bubble tea

We had a bubble tea study break. ^.^ My favorite flavor is Thai tea. Actually, in New York, I got some yogurt green tea, which may be my new favorite, but New York is its own long story. This picture is Thai tea though.


Carnival consisted of a bunch of fun events like a bouncy castle, a human foosball court, grilling sausage and steak, a live band, ice cream, and a dunk tank. The pictures show the airbrush tattoo (my friend CaR got turtles) and polymer wrestling. Again, mostly it was fun hanging out with my friends. I'm gonna miss them. T.T

Melting pot

A bunch of us went to The Melting Pot for Girls Night Out. Our meal consisted of 3 courses: appetizers with melted cheese, entree that was cooked in oil or soup, and dessert dipped in melted chocolate. For those of you who haven't gone, you stab food with skewers, dip or cook them in the pots, and eat! I also got a yin yang drink. I'm pretty sure they accidentally forgot to put alcohol in it, but they refused to admit mistake, so whatever. All in all, the experience was fun, and I enjoyed hanging out with friends. Melting Pot also seems like a great place to take a date. ~.^ Now for pictures!

The past few weeks...

Whew! School is finally out, and I have a couple of weeks to relax until my internship. Basically just finals, food, carnival, and the best trip to New York ever. Right now I'm in Maryland for my cousin's graduation, and the hotel charges for internet access, so I guess I'll just use phone internet. There's a midget couple on TV... Moar pictures coming up next! (Of the last few weeks, not the midgets.)

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

this makes my blood run cold

Almost a year ago, a man was brutally beaten and killed in rural Pennsylvania. A couple of days ago, his killers were acquitted of everything but simple assault. Of course, after reading up on the details, I can't say that it isn't what I expect of America.

The victim: a 25 year old immigrant from Mexico
The perpetrators: white high school football players
The crime: beating the guy to death while yelling racial slurs
The jury: all white

I was going to take a nap, until I read this story. Now I doubt I'll be able to sleep. Is this what we mean when we say "liberty and justice for all"? >.<