Friday, May 22, 2009

Johns Hopkins graduation

I had to stand for 4 hours and fight crowds of overeager families. My feet hurt until I finally decided to take off my shoes. I'm also terribly sunburned. But Johns Hopkins graduation was worth attending. Not only did I get to watch my cousin walk across the stage (well, I technically missed it because I was trying to get a picture of the big screen), I got to hear an awesome commencement address by Nancy Pelosi, and I ran into some old friends. ^.^ Sunburns fade, but memories are a lifetime. Well... Skin cancer is forever, and alzheimer's makes you forget everything... Oh well. Still fun. =)


  1. Sounds like it was a pretty nice graduation ^.^... especially what with the kitties and the froggy! (*excited >.<*)

  2. Does the 'overeager' correspond to that man who had anger management issues? :]

  3. I actually forgot all about him. Though now that you mention it, I should have taken a video. He would have instantly become an internet celebrity, like Bus Uncle!