Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Fuzzy things must be cuddled

My biggest weakness is cute fuzzy things. Prior to move out day, my school had a donation table where you could leave things that you didn't want but were still in good condition. This year, I "rescued" a total of 4 stuffed animals: a lobster, a sheep, a giraffe, and a lion cub. The weird thing is, the lobster was the exact same as the one I found on the donation table 2 years ago. The picture is of the 2 lobsters with the sheep. I named the lion cub Ashley after my friend Ashley, who figured out how to turn it on with a switch in her tummy. She purrs, growls, blinks, and generally responds to being petted. I was cuddling her the other day, and I randomly said "I love you"... And I meant it. My friends made fun of me, saying that my mothering instinct had messed up in terms of species. >.< Is it sad that I wish I could have puppies instead of kids? =P This is (part of) why I want to end up with a werewolf! Lol.


  1. *woof*

    I'm not the fuzziest of creatures... but I can still bite >.<

    P.S. Ashley is awesome, and that's totally cool that the lobster matched the one you found two years ago ^.^ (and yay for the sheep and giraffe, too)

  2. Also, forgot to mention... your blog post's title = best ever! XD