Monday, May 25, 2009

Is this food?

I pondered for a bit on whether to put this picture on the Foodtographer blog, but finally decided that, since I haven't eaten it yet, it doesn't count. Those are new bamboo shoots, by the way, which I helped dig out of our backyard. When my grandma cooks them, those pictures will end up on the food blog.


  1. Yay for items that are to become food items at a future point in time! XD

    I look forward to seeing you blug about it. ^.^ (Is that a proper use of the word "blug"?)

  2. Nope! "Blug" is to be used only in place of "blogged". =P

  3. "I look forward to a future point in time at which you will have blug about it"? (How's that? :P)