Saturday, March 21, 2009

unexpected foodtography

Whenever I get a new phone, I spend an inordinate amount of time playing with the camera. This morning, I took about 10 artsy black+white pictures of our (messy) bathroom. Those were deleted immediately and will not be posted. However, tonight we unexpectedly had takeout fake Chinese food, so I took some pictures:

The above picture is lemon chicken. Apparently it's just fried chicken dipped in a lemony sauce. It started out all right, but the sauce is one of those things you can't eat too much of, or you'll start to get sick of it. Maybe I should have just eaten the chicken by itself.

The dish on the left is broccoli with... beef? Or maybe just broccoli in beef-ish sauce. I only ever got broccoli out of that dish. The one on the right is, oddly enough, shrimp with broccoli. I didn't even know those two foods went together - and they really don't. Plus, the sauce was, again, sickeningly sweet. At least the shrimp were shelled, and their tails were pulled off. =) I'm lazy like that.

The one above is fish with walnuts or pecans. Never could tell the difference between them. My family agreed that this was the best dish out of what we got for dinner. It was seasoned with pepper and not drowned in extremely sweet sauce, so I guess that's what made the difference.

We got all this for about $45 at a place called Dong Ting, which is apparently just down the street, next door to the Radio Shack, even though I'd never heard of it. The verdict? Next time, if I have a choice, I'll just drive the extra 10 minutes to Chinatown and get better food for cheaper. On a scale from two thumbs down to two thumbs up, I give it one thumb down. I actually started to feel a little sick after a while, so I stopped eating. Maybe it's a personal thing, but fake Asian food tends to unsettle my whiny (but somehow still sizeable) stomach.

Edit: The place is apparently called Chef Ding now. I saw the takeout menu on our table before I left for the airport this morning.


  1. *shudders*
    Seriously though, what's the difference between walnuts and pecans? I have never known, either :P

    And I think Dong Ting is a better name than Chef Ding by far.

  2. I thought that place was supposed to be good? We used to eat there on occasion..