Sunday, March 22, 2009

live blogging armageddon

I got back to my suite just as Berto was finishing up Armageddon, so I sat in his room and watched the ending. Here's my attempt at live-blogging, except I was doing it on AIM:
Me (3:10:21 PM): watching the end of armageddon
Me (3:13:22 PM): yay rednecks saving the world
Me (3:21:22 PM): so many rednecks dying in space!
Me (3:23:58 PM): angry hot redneck girl!
Me (3:24:02 PM): played by liv tyler
Me (3:26:57 PM): rednecks drilling on flaming asteroids!
Me (3:27:40 PM): man i'm glad i'm not live blogging this movie... it would be ridiculous
Llama (3:29:54 PM): Haha
Llama (3:29:57 PM): Yeah :P
Llama (3:30:09 PM): I haven't seen that movie in years D}:
Me (3:30:24 PM): um... lots of rocks randomly exploding and rednecks getting spiked or crushed
Me (3:30:50 PM): come to think of it, i might post a transcript on my blog
Me (3:33:04 PM): also, all the rednecks wanted to die, so they had to draw straws
Me (3:34:55 PM): awww the redneck dad is sacrificing himself for his daughter's boyfriend, how ridiculously sweet
Llama (3:35:25 PM): :}O!!
Me (3:37:07 PM): touching moment between bruce willis and liv tyler right before he's about to die
Llama (3:37:19 PM): :'c!!
Me (3:37:45 PM): this is gonna make it all the worse when ben affleck and liv tyler get divorced after 5 years of marriage
Me (3:38:01 PM): she's gonna be all "my dad DIED for you, and all you do is drink and beat the kids"
Llama (3:38:17 PM): Haha yeah
Llama (3:38:45 PM): That'll be in Armageddon 2 8'c
Me (3:39:14 PM): a family romantic comedy
Me (3:40:45 PM): this would be a fun drinking movie - take a shot every time someone says "yeehaw"
Me (3:40:59 PM): or other stereotypical redneck stuff
Me (3:42:33 PM): wooo the asteroid blowing up looks like a windows media player visualizer
Llama (3:43:09 PM): Hehe, nice special effects... probably cost thousands for that D}:
Me (3:43:36 PM): or they just played windows media player =P
Me (3:45:04 PM): wheeeee they took the slide off the shuttle
Me (3:45:29 PM): and somewhere in there, liv tyler found the time to shower and change so she could look hot for her man
Me (3:46:57 PM): /sigh... i'll never be an astronaut
Me (3:47:10 PM): ugh! and the annoying theme song by aerosmith
Llama (3:47:35 PM): Hehe
Me (3:47:41 PM): um... is the thing at the end a joint funeral/wedding?
Me (3:48:23 PM): there's pictures of the dead guys, while the girl is in a wedding dress...
Llama (3:48:47 PM): Heh interesting wedding there... :}O
So any parts that don't make sense are due to me splicing out the parts of the conversation that weren't about the movie. I can't believe the 90's were that long ago! Also, I can't believe I just spent an hour formatting this crap. Note: Llama is not watching the movie - he's just the unfortunate soul that I chose to chat with on AIM.


  1. Deja vu... or wait, that actually happened!!

    And seriously, I spent like the last hour mashing my F5 key while waiting for this post (or did I!?)

  2. Haha, your blog title is so true. =)