Monday, March 23, 2009

another phone issue

Why don't cell phones have the option to set silent or normal mode
based on time? I'm sure more hardcore phones have it, but it seems
like a pretty basic and helpful function. So far, none of my phones
have had this function, so I tend to leave my phone on silent (so it
doesn't accidentally ring in class), but then I miss calls when I'm
not in class because I can't hear my phone ringing.


  1. I would love to have that feature, too... only difference is nobody ever calls me anyway, so I don't miss calls as a result :'c!! :P

  2. People know to text or e-mail me by now. I actually don't enjoy talking on the phone because I suck at multi-tasking, so it turns out to be a huge waste of time since I can't do anything else concurrently. Yeah, I'm ridiculous. =P