Friday, April 10, 2009

this should just be the dumpling blog

After living for 22 years without ever having attended a dumpling party, I somehow managed to attend two in a span of three weeks. At least my dumpling-making skills are improving. I estimate that I make dumplings at 50% the average speed (up from 25%), and my dumplings only rupture upon cooking 50% of the time (down from 80%). =P Given the choice, however, my plan is still to stick with pre-made frozen dumplings.

Of course, this post is useless without pictures, so here they are.


Boiled (I don't know any cooking terms, so please correct me if that's inaccurate):

For some reason, these dumplings stuck together and resemble a brain:

The sauce that Judy made (contains soy sauce and green onions, again correct me if I'm wrong):

Everyone was pretty full after the dumplings, but then Judy brought out a tray of cupcakes. There were 5 different types, but I only remembered to take a picture after most of them were gone. The two in the picture are something with walnuts that Judy made (top), and neapolitan (bottom). The other three were lemon, banana (made with root beer instead of water!), and something with a thick layer of caramel on the bottom. Kevin was my tasting buddy, and we split one of each flavor, despite being very very full. At one point, we almost stopped, but that's what the buddy system is for! (That, and shooting polar bears while you're pooping. >.<)


We then played a round of Taboo, during which I correctly guessed "hangover", and my pastor remarked that I sure seemed to know about that. I referenced my "sin list", and getting drunk isn't on there, so I guess it's okay, but it's still embarrassing. >.<

Yesterday, Joan (who threw the first dumpling party) suggested having another one this weekend. Maybe this blog should just be the dumpling blog. =P

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  1. Those dumplings look good >.< I'd even eat the brain dumpling :P

    My brother saw my mom the other day (when he got all sick while at work and my mom had to pick him up), and she randomly sent us home some frozen dumplings--those will have to hold me over :}D

    I've never had a cupcake made with root beer... and though I don't like soda, in general, I love root beer (non-caffeinated) :}O!! (Also, cream soda is good :}D!)

    Dumpling parties sound awesome. I wants!