Thursday, April 9, 2009

school has eaten my life

It's been a while since my last blog post. I've been very busy with school lately - the end of the semester is always rough. For example, this week I gave a presentation earlier today, I have a design packet due in about half an hour, and I've been working extensively on the rough draft of a paper and yet another presentation that's due on Monday. Adding to all that, I'm still searching for a summer internship. Most of the extra time is taken out of eating and sleeping. I'm down to roughly 1 meal a day and maybe 5 hours of sleep. On the bright side, apparently calorie restriction can lead to a longer life span.

Anyway, slightly more interesting than my whining is this comic that I doodled last week:
If I ever get the time, I actually have a plot for this story, and it would be interesting to complete. Hopefully tonight I'll get the chance to upload some pictures of a dumpling wrapping party that I attended this past weekend. I gotta say, I'm definitely improving at making dumplings. ^.^


  1. Yay, nice seeing a new blog post :}D

    I like the comic. The character designs are cool (and cute), and I'm interested to see where the story goes.

    I want to eat some of your dumplings >.<