Wednesday, April 15, 2009


I have a mullet:

The thing about mullets is that you can't hide them with a hat. It only makes the mullet more mullet-y. So I need a haircut. Does anyone know of good hair cutting places nearby that aren't overly expensive? I'd really prefer an Asian place, since I haven't had good experiences with white hair salons. (Turns out Asian hair *is* different.)

Alternatively, if anyone cuts hair and wants to try chopping off my mullet tail, I'd be up for that as well. And I won't even complain if it turns out badly, since I've had a number of ridiculous and/or bad haircuts before. Besides, I could always just buzz it all off. I've wanted to do that for a while too, but I get the feeling that wouldn't look very good to employers. >.< Gender norms can be so ridiculous.

Good thing is, my hair without the tail already resembles Posh Spice's haircut, so it should be easy to fix:

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  1. I'd totally rather have Posh Spice's haircut than the first one... not that there's anything wrong with mullets >.< (though they have a bad reputation for some reason :P)

    I should probably get my hair cut to make it more even, but... I kind of just want it to get longer again, and if I trim it at all, that'll only make it take longer :P