Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The Walk

There are many reasons I hate jogging: I suck at it, there's so much scenery that you just speed past, I dislike the concept of exercising for exercise's sake, and oh yeah, I suck at it. But I do enjoy walks very much. Maybe the worst part of jogging is that it takes something I love and makes it into something I hate?
Anyway, the weather's been nice for the past few days, and my laptop has been non-functional, so I've been walking to the library to use their computers. I bet the other patrons love when I sneeze and sniffle. >.<
I noticed that there was a playground on the way to the library yesterday, so I paid it a visit today and took some pictures. Thankfully there weren't any kids, or their parents might have called the police on me. =/

1 comment:

  1. The fine print on the sign reads: "After you eat a shnacky, remember to take care of any leftovers (or take said leftovers home to gnaw on later)" >w<